Article 1 Introduction

Article 1


The study of importance, root of obstructions, purposes, research boundaries and expected benefits will be presented as follows

The origin and importance of the project
Ministry of interior and ministry of information communication and technology (ICT) agreed to choose Nakhonnayok province as a ‘smart province’ prototype.
‘Smart province’ is originally ICT’s project aimed to lift people’s way of living standard and to improve local administration performance. The project expects the equal access for technology for everyone and preparation for ‘Smart Thailand’ which selected Nakhonnayok as an early phase program and a prototype.
Nakhonnayok has decent factors such as official building, tourist attractions and agricultural area. The ‘Smart province’ is to apply all technology possible into local area to improve villagers’ living standard. ICT’s administration principle has 5 indicators which are 1) Increased provincial gross income 2) Increased personal income per head 3) Wider income distribution 4) Increased happiness 5) Decreased government officials expenditure
‘Smart province’ project in Nakhonnayok initially starts in 4 districts by forming ‘community service center’ located as follows,


1. “Wang Toom” Community service center in Khaoprasubdistrict, Muang district
2. “Baan Chek” Community service center in A-sasubdistrict, Banna district
3. “KohWat” Community service center in Ongkharaksubdistrict, Ongkharak district
4. “KohKa” Community service center in Ta-ruasubdistrict, Pakplee district

Each district government is responsible for distributing missions and encouraging 5 government officers which are assistance district officer, subdistrict agricultural chief, subdistrict health chief, non-formal education chief and subdistrict developer to carry out the objectives by having village committee and subdistrict administration organization working in the main part.
Nowadays new technologies are playing the most important role in everyday’s life involving almost every field such as business and education including both private business and government sector. However, new technologies are not all user-friendly. This would take time for local people to learn and adapt to them. These factors are crucial point for researchers to interview locally to improve a better way of learning and developing process in the future.

1. To study ‘Smart Province’ in Nakhonnayok.
2. To evaluate all opinions from every personnel involved in ‘Smart Province’ project.

Studying the ‘Smart Province’ prototype in Nakhonnayok in Muang district and Banna district by directly collect information from local city hall and community service center.

Research process
Collecting informations and opinions from government officers, local people and internet sources.

To acknowledge obstructions as a guidance for more effective results and to apply a better solutions to other potential provinces.

1. Information and Communication Technology: ICT is both computer technology and telecommunication that has been used to prepare, store and distribute information in various forms.1
2. Smart Thailand is a compatible project with nation broadband campaign and also ICT’s year 2020 policy which created for distributing ICT as a tool for people in suburban area.2
3. ‘Smart province’ prototype means the initiative province that implemented ICT system and management for 5 results indicated earlier.3

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