Article 5 Summary Discussion And Suggestion

Article 5

Summary, Discussion and Suggestion

The study of ‘Smart Province’ in Muang district and Baan Na district in Nakhonnayok which are one of the forth prototypes is to evaluate opinions and comments from both supervisors and locals. Researchers collect data by interviewing and handing out questionnaires from Baan Chek village in Baan Na district. The summary of the study has been divided into 2 parts which are summary for supervisors and locals.

Summary and discussion
Part 1
There are 9 systems currently working which are Long distance conference, Smart card reader, integrated school administration, 4D learning, Geographical Informations system, paperless meeting, Provincial website, Internet. Developing system expected to be implemented in 2014 are 1) Smart data storage, 2) Smart health, 3) Co-operative, 4) Smart operating, 5) Communication, 6) E-Commerce, 7) Smart document and 8) Budget administration
According to the interview from assistance district officer and village chief, researchers concluded that this project does not ready to be implemented, not enough supporting budget because the budget were used to develop the system in this project but this budget is really not distributed for use in the development of each village. However, this project could benefit general public and due to incompletion of information systems that makes the project itself dimmed. Moreover, most villagers are elderly so these people do not foresee the necessity of bringing in the ‘Smart project’.

Part 2
In accordance with the surveys, people at age below 20 are fully capable of using high-technology equipment. The undergraduates are also capable of using equipment as well. The abilities of learning to use equipments are in above average as for undergraduates and postgraduates. The readiness for ‘Smart province’, according to the surveys, people at age below 20 are completely ready and for undergraduates are above average, too. 30 people are selected and found that 3 out of 30 could not explain about any of ‘smart province’ and said it is a project they do not know of.
For the satisfaction survey in article 4 - Part 3, most people are satisfied and believe that this project could lift up their quality of lives. Moreover, the project would make it easier to make government contacts and transactions. In the early phase of implementing this project, people would feel unhappy since it makes their life more complicated. (See as article 4 - Part 3)
According to villagers’ opinions, these are summary of problems identified. The study found that most villagers are elderly, seeing no necessity of using any high-technology equipment. Also, specialists are needed to maintain a stable server. Moreover, Wifi internet are not covered in all village’s area. There should be a workshop to teach people how to use the system and to encourage everyone to take part in.

1. Budget
This project needs constant supporting fund. A person responsible for this project should be identified clearly. The budget must cover in all area of process.

2. Public Relation
The project should always be promoted to general public to acknowledge, to encourage people to take part. Public relation is responsible for distributing the news, benefits and working process of this system.

3. To educate people
Every person in the village should be taught constantly, at the early phase should emphasize on teenagers since they are fast to adapt and accept any new technology easily and also asking them to teach what they know to their family.

4. Readiness of government officers
The personnel involved in this project should have an understanding of the systems, know-how and are able to explain and fix the system. A teaching class may necessary to prove officers’ knowledge before going out in the field.

5. Information systems readiness
According to the investigation, some equipments are broken. Some are not practical. Moreover, the wifi service must enhance itself in signal strength, stability and speed.

6. Constant support
This project needs a constant support if it is a prototype for national administration. Especially, governor should play the most important role to keep this project up. The ‘Smart Province’ itself is a long-term project. It could be troublesome in the early phase but a small foundamental leads to national.

7. Area surveying
Governor should check and see the prototype village with his eyes since all the plan might not work accordingly and the results are not as expected. He or she should acknowledge the real situation, problems and finding solutions.

8. Contact and access to locals
Local government should provide personnel to give out a better service to villagers, to connect each other and to encourage villagers to participate in the project.
Finally, we hope that the suggestions presented above are useful to develop the Smart Province project in the future.

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