Chapter 1


1.1 Statement of Problem

Nowadays we can’t deny the fact that Smartphone is the part of people life. Thai people use at least 5 hours per day on internet and the most popular way to access internet is access it through Smartphone.

Because of demand for Smartphone is increasing. A lot of companies want to come in to these industries. For examples HTC, Apple, Samsung, Oppo, Nokia etc. But they didn’t compete only the Smartphone; they compete in OS (Operation System) for use in Smartphone too. The 2 OS that has the highest Market share in Thailand is Android and iOS (See the figure below)

Figure 1.1 Thailand Smartphone Market Share in 2012


From the above figure, During 2012, Android was the market leader in Thailand with approximately 70% market share. At the same time IOS was in the second position with about 20% market share. The remaining 10% was made to of OS.

In 2013 research found that the smartphone market has a value of 46,209M baht (NSTDA, 2013) and of this, the Android market share was 32,346M baht whilst the IOS market share was valued at 9,241.8M baht. NSTDA predicted that in 2014 the smartphone market value will rise to approximate 64,996M baht or 32.5%

So, what we concern is“The differences between iOS and Android”, “What the factor that make consumer decide to use iOS or Android”and “Opinion application developer”.

1.2 Objectives

1) To identify profiles and/or characteristics of iOS and Android users in Bangkok.

2) To study the relationships between demographic factors of usersin Bangkok and their decision to use iOS or Android.@@

3) To the relationships between marketing factors of usersin Bangkok and their decision to use iOS or Android.

4) To investigate the factors that affecting decision of application developer and firms to develop iOS or Android application.

1.3 Scope of Study

Study by structured questionares iOS and Android users in Bangkok.

1.4 Benefits

1) To understand factors that influence Bangkok people to buy iOS or Android devices

2) To understand the reason that developers decide to develop iOS or Android.

3) To understand the reason that firms choose iOS or Android application.

1.5 Definitions

1.5.1 Android(Vinamra Jain & Ashok Sharma, 2013)


Androidis an operating systemGoogle Inc. purchased the initial developer of the software, Android Inc., in 2005. Android’s mobileoperating system is based on the Linus kernel. Google and other members of the open handset alliance collaborated onandroid’s development and release.

1.5.2 iOS(Vinamra Jain & Ashok Sharma, 2013)


iOS is Apple's mobile operating system. Originally developed for the iPhone, it has always extended to supportother Apple, Inc. devices such as the iPod touch, iPad and Apple TV. Apple, Inc. does not license iOS for installation onthird-party hardware.

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