There are 3 critical factors for choosing a bank account are well known, location, and amount of ATM machine.Most people opened a bank account with Kasikorn Bank (194 people), Bangkok Bank (204 people) and Siam Commercial Bank (202 people).But Kasikorn Bank has the most users from Mobile Banking (61.46%) because K-Mobile Banking perceived easy to use functions and efficiency securities more than others. So Mobile Banking is the competitive advantage of Kasikorn bank because there are 126 people or 65.63% like Mobile Banking.

From 400 respondents have 243 peopleor 60.75% have used Internet banking and 192 people or 48.00% have used Mobile Banking. And from 243 respondents, who use Internet banking, there are 163 or 67% use Mobile Banking, that means most people like new technology and they receive that Mobile Banking is ease to use, useful, and more security than Internet banking.

Compare between Internet Banking andMobile Banking, Mobile Banking is more convenientand maneuverablethan Internet Banking. Internet Banking must open internet browser before you transact anything but Mobile Banking do not. Internet Banking may be fraudulent by phishing. If we want to use Mobile Banking of Kasikorn Bank, we must open only 3G, WIFI cannot use Mobile Banking but Internet Banking can do, because wireless may be hacked easy than 3G. So Mobile Banking is more safety than Internet Banking.

People who have been used Mobile Banking, perceive Mobile Banking is easy to use (got 4.00 point), and useful becauseMobile Banking is convenience.The key functions that often use for the transaction by Mobile Banking are balance checking (68.23%) and transfer money (78.13%). Most people use Mobile Bankingnot more than two days per week and Mobile Banking make people rarely go to bank (72.92%).

People who do not use Mobile Banking, the main reason is they concern about security 124 people or 59.62%, so they used ATM machine substituteMobile Banking. And the important factor that could cause people to use Mobile Banking is to be secure (64.42%).

People who earn more than 25,000 baht use Mobile Banking more than 50%. Then conclude that salary is related with the use of Mobile Banking, people with more salary (more than 25,000 baht) use Mobile Banking than who earn less because people with substantial salary would have activities to use Mobile Banking as balance checking and transfer money, as below table;


Finally, now we are focusing at the core activity of merchant which they want to do routine because this is the way to know how we want to develop system for the business men. The research shows that Mobile Banking impacts that merchant go to the bank decreasing (78.9% from research) because the main transaction, is transfer money (94.7% from research) can dointhe Mobile Banking application. But they have some restrictions which are withdrawal limit and Mobile Banking cannot withdraw money.

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