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Currently, mobile phone and cellular network (3G) is the hot issue, they are a lot of advantage for the world. So, Mobile Banking has a very good chance to grow in Thailand, that all Financial Institution should focus on this opportunity because the research reveal that people have no Mobile Banking about 52% from 400 respondents. It has a lot of customer in this market.

Nowadays, customers are still hesitant about ATM security so Mobile Banking is new alternative choice for current financial service providers, who worry about ATM safety.

Users who don’t use Mobile Banking application were concerned about the security of Mobile Banking, so banks should give information about Mobile Banking have been secured or develop Mobile Banking to more secureto change the customer’s perception orincrease customers’ confident in Mobile Banking.Another way to improve safety isFinger scanning systembefore accept each transaction.

In this research we got a problem was overabundant of occupations and ages information. Suggestion for this research is the target research should be diversifying by occupation and age more than our research.

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