Term Paper Proposal
Group 4
Android vs iOS

Topic : Why do people use iOS or Android?
Statement and significance of the problem(s)
Nowadays we can’t denied the fact that Smartphone is the part of people life. Thai people use at least 5 hours per day on internet and the most popular way to access internet is access it through Smartphone.
Because of demand for Smartphone is increasing. A lot of companies want to come in to these industries. For examples HTC, Apple, Samsung, Oppo, Nokia etc. But they didn't compete only the Smartphone; they compete in OS (Operation System) for use in Smartphone too. The 2 OS that has the highest Market share is Android and iOS
So, what we concern is “What the factor that make consumer decide to use iOS or Android”, “The differences between iOS and Android” and “Opinion from user and Application developer”

1. To study the difference between these 2 OS.
2. To study characteristic of iOS and Android user in Bangkok
3. To analyze the future of these 2 OS.
Scope of the study
1. Study by Interview Users and Application Developer of iOS and Android
2. Collect the data from the review forum in Magazine and Internet.
3. Use the data that we collected to find the factor that people use iOS or Android and Strong point /Weak point of these 2 OS.
Literature review
1. IT Magazine
2. Books
3. Article on Internet
Research Method
1. Questionnaire
a. Source of data - Bangkok people
b. Data Collection Method - Collect data from questionnaire about iOS and Android user’s behavior
 Questionnaire: distribute to Bangkok people in many places
 Online questionnaire via Google doc
c. Data Analysis - Use SPSS to analyze the data
2. Literature review
a. IT Magazine
b. Internet Article
To understand factors that influence Bangkok people to buy iOS or Android devices and understand the reason that Developer decide to develop iOS or Android.
Action plan
1. Study the system structure of iOS and Android by Literature Review.
2. Design the questionnaire and collect the data from sample.
3. Interview iOS and Android appliacation developer.
4. Analyse th data.
5. Conclusion

Group 4 “Hormone วัยกลางคน”
1. นายธนพัฒน์ สอนซื่อ 5510211009
2. นายปกรณ์ จงธนเศรษฐกุล 5510211038
3. นายปัทพงศ์ ฤทธิ์บุญญากร 5510211063
4. น.ส.อาภัสรา โกษากุล 5510211075
5. นายเอกรัตน์ กองรัตนานันท์ 5510211079
6. น.ส.วรรณศิริ คำคงศักดิ์ 5510211081
7. นายสุรนาท แผ้วพาลชน 5510211083

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