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This project has been succeeded through efforts and coordination of asst. prof. Danuwasin Charoen who endlessly gives suggestions and correcting mistakes in every steps.
Smart province could not be accomplished without the assistance of Mr. SurachaiSrisarakam, Nakornnayok provincial governor, Mr. PrasertRanok asst. district officer, Baan Chek village chief and all personnel involved.
SirikulSrisamran officer of the faculty of Business administration of The National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA)
You have our sincerest gratitude.

The study of Nakhonnayok ‘Smart Province’ project aims to assess the aspects and personal perspective from any personnel involved. Research team have studied Baan Chek village in Baan Na district that has been one of the forth Smart province initiative. This research aim to evaluate both quality and quantity of the project by conducting intense research on academic documents and interviewing personnel involved such as asst. district officer, village chief and also villagers.

1. There are 9 functions implemented which are as follows Conference, Information center, Smart card reader, 4D Education Integrated school administration, Geographic Information Systems, Paperless conference, Official province website and Internet system and also another 8 functions in developing process expected to be done by 2014.
According to the interview from asst. district officer, the researcher found that this project is decent and valuable for developing the province itself. There are obstructions on preparation of users, the systems and funding since most of the villagers are elderly and cannot foresee any benefits of bringing in the smart system.
2. Surveyor selected a group of 30 villagers and found that 27 out of the group could explain roughly about the smart project, only 3 people do not. The study also found that the villagers who graduated from university or higher and the group of people ages below 20 are capable of using high-technology. The result for the latter is quite pleasant.
The satisfaction poll for implementing the information system found that most people pinned a high hope on the project to lift up their way of lives (74.1%) moreover, making any government contact easier and faster (77.8%).
3. Researchers suggest that the administrator should be allocated the budget to each project properly and should have publicized and prepare the information about the project for all ages to understand and learn to use it properly. Including encouraging more villagers to involved with this project.

Article 1 Introduction
Article 2 Concept, Theory and Related Research
Article 3 Research Procedure
Article 4 Data Analysis
Article 5 Summary, Discussion and Suggestion

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