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Secondary Information: by searching information about provided mobile banking that use for financial transaction in domestic and international

Technology Mobile Banking in the world

(Wikipedia.(2013, 24 October).Mobile banking in the world.[online]. Website:

Mobile banking is used in many parts of the world with little or no infrastructure, especially remote and rural areas. This aspect of mobile commerce is also popular in countries where most of their population is unbanked. In most of these places, banks can only be found in big cities, and customers have to travel hundreds of miles to the nearest bank.

In Iran, banks such as Parsian, Tejarat, Mellat, Saderat, Sepah, Edbi, and Bankmelli offer the service. Banco Industrial provides the service in Guatemala. Citizens of Mexico can access mobile banking with Omnilife, Bancomer and MPower Venture. Kenya's Safaricom
(part of the Vodafone Group) has the M-Pesa Service, which is mainly used to transfer limited amounts of money, but increasingly used to pay utility bills as well. In 2009, Zain launched their own mobile money transfer business, known as ZAP, in Kenya and other African countries. In Somalia, the many telecom companies provide mobile banking, the most prominent being Hormuud Telecom and its ZAAD service.

Telenor Pakistan has also launched a mobile banking solution, in coordination with Taameer Bank, under the label Easy Paisa, which was begun in Q4 2009. Eko India Financial Services, the business correspondent of State Bank of India(SBI) and ICICI Bank, provides bank accounts, deposit, withdrawal and remittance services, micro-insurance, and micro-finance facilities to its customers (nearly 80% of whom are migrants or the unbanked section of the population) through mobile banking.

In 2010, mobile banking users soared over 100% in Kenya, China, Brazil and USA with 200%, 150%, 110% and 100% respectively.

Dutch Bangla Bank launched the very first mobile banking service in Bangladesh on 31 March 2011. This service is launched with ‘Agent’ and ‘Network’ support from mobile operators, Banglalink and Citycell. Sybase 365, a subsidiary of Sybase, Inc. has provided software solution with their local partner Neurosoft Technologies Ltd. There are around 160 million people in Bangladesh, of which, only 13 per cent have bank accounts. With this solution, Dutch-Bangla Bank can now reach out to the rural and unbanked population, of which, 45 per cent are mobile phone users. Under the service, any mobile handset with subscription to any of the six existing mobile operators of Bangladesh would be able to utilize the service. Under the mobile banking services, bank-nominated ‘Agents’ perform banking activities on behalf of the banks, like opening mobile banking account, providing cash services (receipts and payments) and dealing with small credits. Cash withdrawal from a mobile account can also be done from an ATM validating each transaction by ‘mobile phone & PIN’ instead of ‘card & PIN’. Other services that are being delivered through mobile banking system are person-to-person (e.g. fund transfer), person-to-business (e.g. merchant payment, utility bill payment), business-to-person (e.g. salary/commission disbursement), government-to-person (disbursement of government allowance) transactions.

In May 2012, Laxmi Bank Limited launched the very first mobile banking in Nepal with its product Mobile Khata. Mobile Khata runs on a third-party platform called Hello Paisa that is interoperable with all the telecoms in Nepal viz. Nepal Telecom, NCell, Smart Tel and UTL, and is also interoperable with various banks in the country. The initial joining members to the platform after Laxmi Bank Limited were Siddartha Bank, Bank of Kathmandu, Commerz and Trust Bank Nepal and International Leasing and Finance Company. Currently, the users of Hello Paisa can Buy movie tickets, shop online, buy mobile recharge, pay bills (for services such as ADSL, DTH service, landline phone, postpaid mobile), make merchant payments, transfer money etc. On June 2013, one of the leading money transfer service provider in Nepal, "Prabhu Money Transfer", joined Hello Paisa to offer its Financial Services through Hello Paisa network. Prabhu Money Transfer will add 3500 agents across the nation to the Hello Paisa network. Hello Paisa platform is interoperable between multiple banks and multiple telecoms, and is the first of its kind in the world of Mobile Banking so far. The platform was nominated as one of the top three innovators of the year 2012 by SIDA in IAP program.

Barclays offers a service called Barclays Pingit, which allows transfer of money from the United Kingdom to many parts of the world with a mobile phone.

Technology Mobile Banking in Thailand

(Ministry of Information and Communication Technology.Trend of Mobile Commerce/ Mobile Banking/ Mobile Payment in Thailand.[online].Website:

Information from the Bank of Thailand in December 2012 indicated that there were 6,645,161 accounts using Internet Banking and total transactions are 1,233 billion baht per month. It also saw the number of subscribers increased to 864,312 Mobile Banking account, up to the number of 688,178 accounts in January 2012 and the number of transactions through Mobile Banking 3.68 million per month, totalling 49 billion baht.

In terms of Mobile Banking Application, banks start to Mobile Application Development services to more customers. Either on the iPhone or Android, such as K-Mobile Banking (KBANK), SCB Easy (SCB), KTB netbank (KTB). Furthermore, many banks have Mobile Web services such as (SCB) that can be used via the Mobile Browser.

In terms of payments through mobile devices. In addition to providing services through SMS, Mobile Web or Mobile Application to devices, Smart phones are also a platform of payment via new technology such as NFC. But the Mastercard’s survey found that most users in Asia are also used on mobile payment through mobile banking apps, which have been paid to 45% through this channel also. In-social-networking-app shopping 34% as the payment via SMS / MMS to 31%. Mobile NFC is still a way to pay only 25%, but 70.3% of respondents are interested in NFC payments in the future.

Money and banking transactions are considered part of the lives of Thai people. They have at least one bank account into their own accounting and transactions via bank accounts at least one time per month. The Mobile Banking seeks to provide financial services that users are comfortable to use without restriction anywhere with style and safety standards, as well as over the counter banking transactions.

Users can conduct financial transactions via Mobile Banking services 24 hours as well as services through online banking each week.

1.Transfer money to other banks or transfer between accounts.

2.Payments for services. The credit card bills, water bills, electricity bills, mobile bills,
prepaid mobile, the installment loan/ lease.

3.Retrieve billing (e-Bill) and payment.

4.Buy - Sell - Swap Mutual fund themselves.

5.Check account balance and the details on the credit card.

Rate charged on transactions through mobile. The same rate as individual transactions through online bank without any additional fee.

Mobile Banking Technology to meet the lifestyles of young people in the digital age, the need for fast and flexible service that is open 24 hours every day.

Industry Analysis (Wiley. (2013). Market Organization and Structure. Equity and Fixed Income, page 7.)

The financial system includes markets and various financial intermediaries that help transfer financial assets, real assets, and financial risks in various forms from one entity to another, from one place to another, and from one point in time to another. These transfers take place whenever someone exchange or financial contract for another. The asset and contracts that people(people act on behalf of themselves, companies charities, governments, etc.) trade include notes, bonds, stocks, exchange trade funds, currencies, forward contracts, futures contracts, swap contracts, and certain commodities. When the buyer and seller voluntarily arrange their trades, the buyer and the seller both expect to be better off. We can describe that “Why people use the financial system”.

1. To save money for the future
2. To borrow money for current use
3. To issue equity capital
4. To manage risks
5. To exchange assets for immediate and future deliveries
6. To utilize on information

The main functions of the financial system are to facilitate: (Wiley. (2013). Market Organization and Structure. Equity and Fixed Income, page5-6.)

1.The achievement of the purposes for which people use the financial system.
2.The discovery of the rates of return that equate aggregate savings with aggregate
3.The allocation of capital to the best uses.

These functions are extremely important to economic welfare. In a well-functioning financial system, transaction costs must low. If transaction costs are expensive, it will incur economic loss. That why we discuss about this topic (mobile-banking). It can also help us to easily connect the foreigner or another whom you want to negotiate. Because the economic growth can increase not only domestic firms but also foreigner firms, mobile-banking can decrease the transaction cost. People who often arrange transaction will more benefit.

The main profit for financial institution (Suthayapan, Kittima. Your First Stock. [online]. Website :

1.Lending which is the excess form the reserve requirement multiplied by discount rate.
2.The spread between domestic interest rate and foreign interest rate.
3.Repo rate or repurchase agreement.
4.Non-bearing interest rate (ex. Commission fee, capital gain or dividend from

Financial institutions should concern the behaviour of customer such as increasing dramatically of internet users, increasing of smart phone or reducing pc or notebook because now people can transact the world-wide financial activities and want convenient, accurate and timely transaction. So Bank must develop technology for financial activities such as NFC, mobile-banking, etc.

In figure 1, we illustrate the market share of financial institution. Just as we saw that market share in figure 1 has only more than 500 billion baht.

Figure 1: Market share of financial institutions

Financial Institution (more than 500 billion asset) ASSETS(Million baht)
Bangkok Bank 2,474,605.60
Siam Commercial Bank 2,441,269.60
Kasikorn Bank 2,225,151.59
Krung Thai Bank 2,371,642.84
Bank of Ayudhya 1,130,155.59
Thanachart Bank 1,024,069.08
TMB Bank 711,592.69

In figure 1, we will see that Bangkok bank has the total asset more closely the Siam commercial bank. We can describe total asset of BBL relative to total market share which is 20 % in Figure 2

Figure 2: Percentage of market share


(Source from Financial Statement of all banks, which have asset more than 500 billion at Quater2 in 2013)

From the table shown here, you may see the proportion of Market share of each bank by looking at the Assets of top financial institutions in Thailand like Bangkok bank, Kasikorn Bank, Siam Commercial Bankand Krungthai bank. They share almost the same Market Share.

Figure 3: The amount of saving in each financial institution

Financial Institution (more than 500 billion asset) Savings(Million baht)
Bangkok Bank 1,872,696.15
Siam Commercial Bank 1,741,623.06
Kasikorn Bank 1,467,057.82
Krung Thai Bank 1,698,634.02
Bank of Ayudhya 731,730.75
Thanachart Bank 702,545.30
TMB Bank 478,140.27

(Source from Financial Statement of all banks, which have asset more than 500 billion at Quater2 in 2013)

In figure 3, Bangkok bank has still the most of saving and Siam commercial bank comes later. We can illustrate as the percentage in Figure 4.

Figure 4: Percentage of total saving


(Source from Financial Statement of all banks, which have asset more than 500 billion at Quater2 in 2013)

The fourth figure is classifying market share by analysing from the savings. The chart here is showing the proportion of each bank. Bangkok bank has the highest savings rate and hold 22% of the Market share Siam Commercial Bank and Krungthai bank both have similar market share for the savings at around 20% And Kasikorn bank hold 17%.

Figure 5: the amount of borrowing each financial institution

Financial Institution (more than 500 billion asset) Loans(Million baht)
Bangkok Bank 1,578,936.67
Siam Commercial Bank 1,600,389.07
Kasikorn Bank 1,346,665.77
Krung Thai Bank 1,589,976.74
Bank of Ayudhya 832,194.80
Thanachart Bank 759,773.85
TMB Bank 436,030.90

(Source from Financial Statement of all banks, which have asset more than 500 billion at Quater2 in 2013)

In figure 5, the highest of loans is Bangkok bank andSiam Commercial Bank. Krungthai bank comes later. We can illustrate as the percentage in Figure 6.

Figure 6: Percentage of total loans


(Source from Financial Statement of all banks, which have asset more than 500 billion at Quater2 in 2013)

From figure 6 is analysing from the loans. We found that in second quarter this year Siam Commercial Bank and Krungthai bankalmost the same amount of the loans, they both became the top of the ranking for 20% each. Runner-up is Bangkok bank, holding 19% and the fourth is Kasikorn bank holding 17%of share.

Market Size

If we classified market size of the bank by total value of their Assets, therefore those banks who own more than 500 billion asset will have the Market size of 12,378,486.99 Million baht. We can see total of market size in figure 1 of market share topic.

(Source from Financial Statement of all banks, which have asset more than 500 billion at Quater2 in 2013)

Market Growth

Nowadays, the users of smart phone are increasing dramatically as a mega trend due to highly compete in the communication industry. This is the reason why each financial institution has developed the mobile banking, because Mobile banking helps individual for comfortable, accurate and timely transaction.

(Source from Bank of Thailand We can see the increasing number of Mobile Banking agreement from Quarter 1 in 2010 to Quarter 2 in 2013)

Figure 7: The number of agreement of Mobile banking (2010-2013)


(Bank of Thailand. (2013). Use of Mobile Banking and Internet Banking. [online]. Website :

In figure 7, we illustrate the increasing number of mobile banking agreement from Quarter 1 in 2010 to Quarter 2 in 2013. The growth rate of a number of agreement is 29.17% per year computed from the formula of present value, FV=PV〖(1+i)〗^t. We can see that the growth rate is 31.49% per year calculated by compounding method. This result is a very high growth number.

In figure 8, we will see the volume of transactions of mobile banking from quarter 1 in 2010 to quarter 2 in 2013.

Figure 8: The volume of transaction of mobile banking (2010-2013)


(Bank of Thailand. (2013). Use of Mobile Banking and Internet Banking. [online]. Website :

We can see that in quarter 1 2010, the volume of transactions have increase slightly until quarter 1 2012, increasing dramatically in the same way as figure 7.The growth rate of the volume of transactions is 40.78% per year. In second quarter of 2013 the volume of transactions is about 13,059,000,000.

Just like figure 8, we will see the increasing of the value of transaction in figure 9.

Figure 9: The value of transaction of mobile banking (2010-2013)


(Bank of Thailand. (2013). Use of Mobile Banking and Internet Banking. [online]. Website :

We illustrate the increasing value of transactions of Mobile Banking from Quarter 1 in 2010 to Quarter 2 in 2013. The first quarter in 2010 the value of transactions of Mobile Banking is 23 Billion baht. Then in second quarter of 2013the value of transactionsis 170 Billion baht.

Through this activity, the payment of individual (ex. people, firm, etc.) is the factor that financial institution must concern. If bank not having application may be lose customers. So bank should investigate the behavior of people, what the factor will change their routine and how to compete with another bank. So this is the reason why our groups choose this topic, Mobile banking.

Company Analysis


Company Background (Kasikornbank.Company Background. [online]. Website :

The KASIKORNBANK Public Company Limited was established on June 8, 1945, with registered capital of Baht 5 Million and only 21 employees. Its first office is now the Thanon Sua Pa Main Branch. The Bank showed healthy performance after only six months in operation. As of December 31, 1945, or at the end of its first accounting period, the Bank recorded total deposits of Baht 12 Million, assets of Baht 15 Million.

Since its inception, the Bank has grown healthily. As of September 30, 2013, the Bank, with registered capital of Baht 30,486 Million, had total assets of Baht 2,240,034 Million, total deposits of Baht 1,552,217 Million, and total loans of Baht 1,413,050 Million. The Bank operates 915 branches and sub-offices across the country, comprising 301 Bangkok branches and 614 upcountry branches. The Bank has ten overseas offices, including the Los Angeles International Branch, Hong Kong Branch, Cayman Islands Branch, Shenzhen Branch, Chengdu Branch and the Representative Offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming, Tokyo, and Yangon which greatly facilitate international trade and financial service transaction between Thailand and our trade partners worldwide.

Throughout the past 68 years, the Bank has always strived to develop our organization and offer financial product initiatives plus excellent service delivery to match our slogan, "Towards Service Excellence".

KBANK’s Mobile Banking (Kasikornbank.Why K-Mobile Banking of KBank is better. [online]. Website :

KBANK has more than 1.7 million users, with over 100,000 transactions per day and total transaction amount is 30,000 million baht. Whether it is the latest innovative mobile or other basic mobile. Whether it’s from AIS dtac TrueMove Hutch GPRS/EDGE/3G connected or not connected any more. Whether brand Nokia Samsung SonyEricsson or Motorola, KBANK’s Mobile Banking available to anyone.

Service Model (Kasikornbank.Service Model. [online]. Website :


There are three service models in K-Mobile Banking. The first model is especially for DTAC customers that have a KBANK account. This application has more function than other model. It can use for buying movie tickets within SF cinema. The second model is made for all KasikornBank customers. The second application has all basic function. It can use for check your balance, transfer money to other account, pay bill, pay for prepaid mobile and can set reminder to your service payment schedule. The last model is easy to use, user only send short SMS for transactions.

Key success of K-Mobile Banking application


K-Mobile Banking applicationhas key successes, have more functions than others, are K-Mobile Banking can find ATM’s location,mini statement, edit picture, QR code, currencies exchange, and the critical criteria is K-Mobile Banking cannot log in with the WIFI, it can only log in with the cellular wireless network (3G), so K-Mobile Banking is more security about the evil twin WIFI account.


SCB’s Mobile Banking (SCB.Our Services. [online]. Website :

SCB Mobile Banking is the best transaction service via your mobile phone. There are many services such as check balance, transfer, pay your prepaid mobile or buy investment funds at any time.

What’s new on SCB Mobile Banking(SCB.What’s new on SCB Mobile Banking!. [online]. Website :

You can now buy your LTF/RMF via SCB credit card thru SCB Mobile Banking.
Transfer money to any third party account with no need to registered the receiving account in advance.

How to transfer to third party account with no registered in advance


Use an OTP to confirm fund transfers to non-registered accounts. (The OTP will be valid for 15 minutes). The one-time receiving account will not be recorded in your account profile.

Check your transfer history by logging in to www.scbeasy.comand then click‘Fund Transfer’ menu and then click ‘Transfer History’ menu.

The best of SCB Mobile Banking (SCB.The best of SCB Mobile Banking. [online]. Website :

No need to change anything, be it your SIM card, number, or mobile operator.

Apply for the service instantly by using their SCB Easy Net Login name and password.

Surfing this service with free-of-charge.

Apply to all accounts
Accounts created on SCB Easy Net are instantly ready for making transactions (except fixed and long-term deposits) on Mobile Banking.

World-class security
Because information security is the number one priority for online banking, SCB Easy Net employs Entrust’s 128-bit SSL encryption.

SCB Mobile Banking Features


Above picture are features on SCB Mobile Banking. They have Balance Inquiries function which can check the balance anywhere anytime. Customers can transfer money to other accounts and purchase LTF/RMF with this application. Moreover you can pay merchant and utilities too.

Services available through SCB Mobile Banking (SCB.Services available through SCB Mobile Banking. [online]. Website :

SCB Mobile Banking is designed to cater to customers’ demands and to create flexible banking services anywhere, anytime. The table below compares services available through SCB Mobile Banking with those provided by SCB Easy Net


From above table is a comparison between Internet banking and Mobile Banking. Internet banking has all of services in Mobile Banking. That mean Internet banking has more service than Mobile Banking. Services in Internet banking that cannot use in Mobile Banking is edit profile and add or remove account, biller. So why we must use Mobile Banking. We will see the answer in a conclusion of this paper.

How to enable your mobile phone for the service (SCB.How to enable your mobile phone for the service. [online]. Website :

1. Make your mobile phone ready for Internet connection (open GPRS, EDGE, or 3G)
2. Open an Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera Mini)
3. Type and Login with your SCB Easy Net’s username & password

- If you experience any problem with GPRS configuration, please contact the Customer Service Center of your mobile phone service provider.
- Internet connection fees are subject to each mobile phone service provider, Please check fees with your mobile phone service provider.

Tips for using SCB Mobile Banking (SCB.Tips for using SCB Mobile Banking. [online]. Website :

Transactions details: Transactions made after 11.00 p.m. are treated as next-day transactions.

Real-time fund transfer to other banks
- Available for receiving accounts at Bangkok Bank, Kasikorn Bank, Krungthai Bank, Bank of Ayudhaya, Siam City Bank, TMB Bank, Standard Chartered and United Overseas Bank only.
- Allow you to transfer money to your registered receiving account in SCB Easy Net or non-registered receiving account while performing the transaction by using an OTP.
- Maximum daily transfer limits are 50,000 baht per transaction and 100,000 baht per customer (inclusively via SCB Easy Net, Mobile Banking and Widgets).
- Service available between 6.00 a.m. – 9.00 p.m. only.
- Funds will be immediately available in the specified account once the transaction is completed.

Fund transfer to third party SCB account
- Allow you to transfer money to your registered receiving account in SCB Easy Net or non-registered receiving account while performing the transaction by using an OTP.
- Default daily transfer limit is 100,000 baht per customer (inclusively via SCB Easy Net, Mobile Banking and Widgets).
- You can request an extension of your daily transfer limit up to 500,000 baht per customer at any SCB branch.
- Funds will be immediately available in the specified account once the transaction is completed.

Fund transfer between your SCB account
- You can add and edit your active accounts at
- Fixed and long-term deposit transactions are available at only
- Default daily transfer limit is 200,000 baht per customer.
- You can request an extension of your daily transfer limit up to 1,000,000 baht per customer at any SCB branch.
- Funds will be immediately available in the specified account after the transaction is completed.

Key success factors for SCB Mobile Banking

Critical success factors in Mobile Banking are the application must easy to use, high security standard. SCB Mobile Banking introduces easy application, offer a wide range of financial transactions. The application features a user-friendly graphical user interface, including SCB ATM and branch finder. Users can place their trust in the same high standard of transaction security as used SCB easy netinternet banking and they can enable a PIN lock to protect access to the application.


The revolution of banking services by Krung Thai Bank that make your life easier in performing online transactions with full function of internet banking such as opening new account, fund transfer, bill payment and other support services. Or, you can use our Talk to net officer service that provides services like your personal assistance. Our net officer will perform the transaction as per your order.

No boundaries of time and place. Anytime anywhere from your device, with SMS login notification that alerts every time your net ID is logged into the system - ensuring the security of performing internet transactions.

Account Type

KTB Account: Deposit with passbook (Savings account, Current Account, Fixed Account) and KTB loan account.

The advantages of KTB netbank are:

* Full functions and services both in Web Browser and Mobile Application.
* You can select your own personal menu.
* Bookmark your frequently used transactions.
* Transfer to other account without adding the account.
* Video Call with KTB officer (net officer) to make transaction just like making transaction at branch.
* Existing KTB customer who has NetSavings account can open Fixed no book account via Internet and get special interest rates.
* Pay Bills by searching company code or company name.
* Transfer money to mobile phone number.
* Higher security with Login notification every time a user Login to KTB netbank system.

KTB netbank function

* My Account: view and manage your KTB account eg. Add own account, View statement, Add card, View account info, Block account, etc.
* Fund Transfer: Transfer fund to own account, others' account, international account and mobile number. Also, manage scheduled transaction.
* Pay Bills: Pay and record your bills, Top-up KTB e-money and manage you payment transactions.
* Cheque: Manage cheque, stop cheque, cheque status inquiry.
* Fund: Subscribe, redeem and switch your investment units and view/edit your risk profile.
* Stock: Deposit and withdraw your account, interfaced with KTZMICO.
* Loan: Repay KTB loan, both yours and others', pre-approve loan.
* Other KTB services such as Register Net Fee Zero, Direct Debit, Verify by VISA, Order Banknote and Request credit information.
* Pay/Receive with mobile: Register pay/receive with mobile, the e-wallet service from KTB.
* Talk to net officer: Make transaction via KTB VDO call system by net officer. Receive transaction slip via E-mail.
* SMS login Notification (Free).
* Order Banknote: Order international banknote that can be retrieved at our head office and Suvarnabhumi Airport.


Compare services of KTB online application on WAP and iPhone. KTB online application on iPhone cannot use function add account, add transfer, payment with account and repay other KTB loan.

You can register KTB netbank via the following channels.
1.KTB branches (Complete Registration)
2.ATM/ ADM (Complete Registration)
3.Online Registration ( by submitting the registration forms below (Your identity verification is required to complete the registration).For your safety, please verity your identity through one of the following channels;
-Contact our staff at any KTB branches (Citizen ID or Passport & Passbook are required).
-Register your mobile no. for TOP at any of our KTB ATM/ADM.
-Contact our net officer via VDO call (for Thai citizen only).
To making financial transaction, please register mobile number for TOP at any KTB branches and ATM/ADM.


* For personal usage only.
* KTB single account for at least one account is required (Inapplicable with joint accounts).
* Cell phone numbers registered in Thailand is required.

Service requirement

# Smartphone available for GPRS, EDGE, 3G or WiFi
# Open internet browser URL
# Add username and password

Fee information


From fee information table of Krungthai bank.KTB netbank without fee for SMS alert and transaction notification. Free transfer fund to KTB account within district, free first 15 transactions per month when you transfer fund across district and next 10 baht per transaction. Transfer fund to other bank unexceed 20,000baht is 25 baht per transaction and 35 baht per transaction with over 20,000 baht.

Description (KTB Online@Mobile. [online]. Website :

Krung Thai Bank have launched KTB Online@Mobile application that help you bank smarter. With the most highly concerned in security and intuitive user interface, your transactions are protected the same level of world class standard security while easily navigate through the application designed with multi-touch interactive similar to iPhone characteristics. Let you bank and manage your wealth with confidence, easier and quicker. KTB Online users can touch this new experience right after downloading the application, simply use your KTB Online (Internet Banking) service’s user id and password to log on.

Service offered:

* View accounts, balances and Mini Statement
* Fund transfer within KTB and Other Bank
* Pay bill and Top up / Add Payee
* Pay loan
* Redemption, Subscription, Switching KTAM Fund.
* Top up KTB e-Money Card

Key success of KTB netbank

KTB netbank, has more functions than others, is KTB netbank has loan, loan payment, and VDO call function.

Comparative Table


Services of Mobile Banking application from K-Mobile Banking, has more functions than others, is K-Mobile Banking can find mini statement, edit picture, QR code, currencies exchange, and the critical criteria is K-Mobile Banking cannot log in with the WIFI, it can only log in with the cellular wireless network (3G), so K-Mobile Banking is more security about the evil twin WIFI account.

Services of Mobile Banking application from SCB Mobile Banking, has more functions than others, is easy use, high security standard, and the critical criteria is SCB Mobile Banking has a PIN lock to protect access to the application (double locking).

Services of Mobile Banking application from KTB netbank, has more functions than others, is KTB netbank has loan, loan payment, and VDO call function.

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